Saturday, March 14, 2009

Selleck Love

Some might say finding a man older than your father sexy is creepy. Especially when that man isn't Sean Connery. Well let me take you on a pleasant trip down moustache memory lane:

I present to you Tom Selleck. Tell me that isn't sexy! He makes that 'stache work. I can think of no other man on earth who can rock it so well.

Here are a few fun Tom Selleck facts: he was originally supposed to play Indiana Jones (yay) and he endorsed McCain this past election (boo). He's a big NRA supporter (no feelings either way on that one) and was born January 29, 1945. Yes, folks, Tom Selleck was born during World War II. Damn that's old! For me to consider him sexy, I mean. If anybody is keeping track: He is 15 months older than my dad. Little bit creepy, no?

My attraction to this man, I can only assume, dates back to 1987 and his fine performance in the fabulous film 3 Men and a Baby. Man that movie kicked ass. And that little baby was really cute. Then the 1990 sequel 3 Men and a Little Lady. Ted Danson, Steve Guttenberg, Tom Selleck. What's not to love?!

Then he was later on Friends as Monica's much older, former-childhood-dentist-turned-love-interest. Again, sexy as all get out. I take that as validation that I'm not the only one who A) is young enough to be his daughter yet B) would totally make out with him.

In closing, it is impossible for me to shorten his name to anything less than "Tom Selleck". He commands such respect! And it is impossible for me to look at him and not think, "Daaaamn!" Does that make me sick?


  1. You won't even make out with me. You could easily be his granddaughter!

  2. He was also on the last season of Las Vegas. He was the big $$$ rancher who came in and bought the casino.