Monday, March 9, 2009

Memory Lane Monday #3

It's that time of week again, folks. I present to you what I think to be my favorite song by this group:

"Mad Season" by Matchbox 20

Matchbox 20 is probably my favorite current/living band. And by saying "current" you can see how hideously out of date my music tastes really are. I prefer show tunes and a mismash of random artists, so sue me. But I heart Matchbox 20! And all their songs are good so it's hard to choose.

I also like this video. First, because Rob Thomas is H-O-T. Second, because at about 2:30 the cops and crowd start fight dancing. Choreographed fight dancing, people! If there's one thing in this whole world that I want is for my life to be more like a musical and people randomly burst out into song and dance. Love that about this video! And lastly there's a cute/quirky ending, that you don't see coming. Even if you don't like the song (I don't remember it getting as huge as their other songs) stick around for a satisfying ending.

Another anecdote from my wild 'n crazy past: I saw these guys in concert at the FargoDome shortly after graduating high school in 2001. I went with a bunch of random friends (Casy, Delani & Sara) who had nothing in common except me. And it was a grand old time.

Better than the concert was watching people walk from the staircase that connected the mezzanine to the floor. It was all lit with lightbulbs but the top bulb was burned out so you couldn't tell if there was a stair to get onto the platform or if it was flat. So people would come waltzing through, then fumble/stumble/trip onto the platform because they couldn't see the ground. It's hard to explain in writing but trust me - it was better than an entire episode of people wiping out on AFV and that alone was totally worth the ticket price!


  1. I remember laughing so hard at that~to the point of pants pissing almost. ALMOST. I hardly remember the concert but I do remember this part. It is like watching people step on defenseless pieces of bread!!

  2. I don't remember this mezzanine thing. Was it at the hotel? I was soooo excited for the concert. Good times!