Monday, March 2, 2009

Memory Lane Monday #2

Before I unveil my second superfab blast from the past music video I have to ask: Is it possible to trade in my American citizenship and Norwegian residency to live in Sweden for just one day? Despite their dreadfully silly language (tack sรถ mycket - I mean what is that?!) they have the best. music. ever. Case in point:

"Joyride" by Roxette

I have several important points to bring up:

1. If I ever have a female child she will be named Roxette.

2. Sweden, God bless 'em, has given us, in chronological order:
Ace of Base

Seriously, where do I go to defect?!

3. What is up with their hair?! Granted it was the early 90's but I want to know how she (Marie Fredriksson) had a super stylish 'do channeling Agyness Deyn:

Yet he (Per Gessle) looks like freaking Linda Richmond from Coffee Talk:

But I am not here to play Jan Thomas (American refrence: Jonathan Antin). I am here to offer you absolutely kick ass music from Sweden.

Though this song came out in 1991 it will forever remind me of the 2001 North Dakota Class B boys basketball tournmanet in Minot, ND. It is, was, and always will be the best weekend ever spent in ND in my entire life. We're #1! We're #1! In your face, Evan Lindahl.

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