Friday, March 6, 2009

Friday News Night

Look what my dad is ever so generous to send me!

8 Walhalla Mountaineers! Hooray for small town newspapers! I have literally tens of minutes of entertainment ahead of me with these. It's quite an effective gossip rag. I devour each of them like a package of Twizzlers (which I recently did, in public. It was not pretty).

One gripe: In the subscription section it says that international shipping is $55 per year. Would I (*ahem* my dad *ahem*) pay $55 for 52 copies of this paper every year? Oh hells yes. But when my dad goes to order they say no, in fact it cannot be shipped abroad because there's not enough overseas people who order it and make a bulk shipping rate possible. Boo! Then why is it listed as an option?!

So JimBo sends me 4 at a time in a manila envelope, at great expense to himself ($4-6), for which I am forever thankful.


  1. Ahh. I used to love getting newspapers from home. The Winnipeg Free Press. Always had the best crossword puzzles.

  2. My dad saves me all the papers. When I went to AZ I read 4 months of them in 20 mins. Did you know that the new gas station now has pizza and subs!?!??!