Thursday, June 4, 2009

Berlin, Germany - Favorite Pic

I'm no history buff but I know important monuments when I see them. This is me with the teeny tiny part of what's still standing of the Berlin Wall. Can you believe people would get shot for trying to cross this wall and get out of the Commie infested east side of Berlin? My motto: The hallmark of a crappy place is when they shoot you if you try to leave. That is a level of suck unknown to most Americans. Thankfully!

Not going to lie, I like this pic so much because I look pretty skinny (by my standards) in it. Ladies, regardless of your size, skinny jeans are your friend. Love them!

To sum up Berlin in 4 words: Texans, Humid, Technologically Unadvanced. Not sure if unadvanced is even a word (my word making up has increased 100-fold in the past few weeks) but it's fitting here. I'm glad I went, though. This place was ground zero during WWII (well, besides Hiroshima and Nagasaki, but I'm not being literal). So much history!

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