Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Memory Lane Monday #8

Nobody will notice this wasn't done on Monday, right? But it's harder to conceal the fact that I haven't done a MLM in a super long time. I think with the recent sad events an MJ MLM is inevitable. With no introduction needed, I bring you this weeks selection:


Black or White by Michael Jackson

(Sorry I've only got a link for you. Some asshat has gone and disabled all the embed codes for all Michael Jackson videos.)

The beginning of this video is cut off, as it doesn't show the Cheers guy screaming at Macaulay Culkin to "turn that racket down". This video is star studded! More on that in a minute...

This is the first Michael Jackson song I ever remember hearing. I didn't have older siblings to show me the way and my parents weren't big into popular music, so I had to stumble onto Michael on my own time. Coming from Wonder Bread-white North Dakota this was a bit of a cultural experience for me. Africans! Indians (dot and feather)! Russians! Oh my.

I really love the part of the song where Macaulay Culkin raps about racial equality. It's dripping with early 90's bad taste and, coupled with the urban backdrop, reminds me of the highlight of my youth: Ghostwriter. Am I right?


Another favorite of mine is how a fat Asian dude turns into Tyra Banks. Do you think when Michael cast this video he knew the pretty little runway model would turn into the world's biggest egocentric, inflated-sense-of-self bizzo the world has ever seen?

Yikes. That rabid ego (and super shitty/random favorite playing) turned me off of my beloved ANTM.

In closing, the world has lost a fine musician. Sure, he was, shall we say, eccentric, but being different never impeded anyones ability to kick ass. If you were forced into stardom at the age of 6 you'd be strange, too, I'm willing to bet. I'm just mad I'll never get to go to one of his concerts. I am not a concert goer but that's one of the very, very few I'd attend, much less pay for. My opportunity is now gone. :(

And Mr. Jackson's rags-to-riches story is the reason I so dearly love my homeland of USA. Where else could a poor black boy grow up to be a rich white woman?


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