Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Super Freaky - Update

Unsolved Mysteries has been on TV a lot lately and, while scaring the bejesus out of me, my favorite favorite favorite episodes are the ones with updates where years later they solve the mystery. So Robert Stack's monotone voice has convinced me to offer you an update on my mother's super creepy head cut-out.

As I suspected it came from my mom's retirement party. When I was talking to my dad on the phone for Old Man's Day I inquired about it and he had totally forgotten that he sent it. When I described it enough for him to remember sent me the horrifying explanation of where it came from:

T-shirts were made and corresponding head photos were placed atop the shirts, ever so fashionably. From left to right: Mrs. Abrahamson ("Mrs. Abey-canabey" - love that woman!), my ma, Mrs. Longtin, Mrs. Lacoste and Mrs. Patton.

Only in my nightmares can I imagine what happened to the 4 other heads. Can I just say, for all you Walhalla people out there, what I would give to own that Mrs. Lacoste head?! That woman has been scaring the pants off children since literally the 1940's. Perhaps we could line her chicken coops with it? She might like that.

I have decided how to dispose of my head. I'm bringing it back home to mommy and letting her get rid of it. Dad said she had it in the garbage before he retrieved it and, uhh, "gifted" it to me. So I'll let her do the dirty deed and wash my hands of it!

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