Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Worth Rehab

I would like to intro-seduce the world to the greatest drink ever. My "brother-in-law" (boyfriends brother sounds a bit too high school for me) first made it for me and it was love at first sip. It's like Sprite - with booze! It involves 2 crucial ingredients:

1. Cointreau
2. Tonic water
3. Lemon slice (optional)
4. Ice cubes (optional)

I don't have any lemons (or other citrus) on hand right now, nor do I have access to ice cubes in my spacious 1 square foot freezer. But I am thoroughly enjoying this drink right now, thanks to the Duty Free shop at the airport. Only $31 USD for a bottle of Cointreau! How much would this size cost in the U.S., anyone?

Also, what's the difference between Indian tonic water and regular 'ol tonic water? I could Wikipedia that information but I am far too lazy.

Try this drink! If it lands you in rehab it will so be worth it. Trust me.

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