Monday, February 23, 2009

Memory Lane Monday #1

Being the nerd that I am (who kind of gets off on routine and responsibility) I am starting a weekly ritual, which I will call Memory Lane Monday. I think you'll enjoy it. Lord knows I will.

I will wisk myself and anybody brave enough to read this little gong show of a blog back in time via the greatest hits of the 70's, 80's, 90's and today. Thankfully we have YouTube to guide us along our journey. So let's begin!

"Two Sparrows In a Hurricane" by Tanya Tucker

Listen, relax, relive. I dare you to hear this song start to finish and not tear up. It's not physically possible. Sorry about the crappy image quality but you can blame the early 1990's for that, along with your seriously fug Zuba pants that I know you would murder to have back.

I'll come up with a good variety of songs on MLM, so we can all take a happy little trip to the past on the crappiest day of the week. I know most of my Norwegian (and probably non-Midwestern) peeps have probably never even heard of Tanya Tucker. I have 2 words for you suckers: Your Loss. Old school country kicks ass.

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  1. I thought the name Memory Lane was reserved for when we break out our yearbooks and point out people we are now better than...