Sunday, February 22, 2009

Krakow, Poland - Favorite Pic

This is my favorite picture taken during our trip to Krakow, Poland. It's dark and eery, and the German language (which naturally creeps me out) adds to the doom of the barbed wire.

There literally aren't words to describe Auschwitz and Auschwitz-Birkenau, and I do mean literally. My little brain can't wrap around the numbers and statistics of horror that happened there. It just doesn't compute. A defense mechanism, perhaps?

On a brighter note, I'd like to give a shout out to the airline Norwegian, who got us to Poland, for several reasons:

1) Their airport Moss Lufthavn Rygge (MLR) services both Østfold (equated to a county, I think) and Oslo
2) Their check-in process involves scanning a barcode which is emailed to you, making it a super simple and quick process
3) They don't weigh your hand luggage, so it's easier to avoid checking in baggage
4) Their flight attendants are pretty good looking, not swamp donkeys
5) Their selection of destinations is good at MLR and even better at Oslo Gardermoen airport (OSL)
6) Their website is very easy to navigate and fiddle with dates/prices, and comes in tons of languages
7) Great prices!

Each ticket cost us 835 NOK (about $120) roundtrip. They have been late more often than not when we have flown them but if you know that's a possibility going into it you can deal. It's no frills (meaning no food, no entertainment) but it's relatively spacious onboard and you don't feel like you're in an East German post office circa 1986 during the flight. If you're traveling in Norway, or even Europe, do not book with RyanAir until you have checked out Norwegian ( You will not regret it!


  1. What the H is a swamp donkey!?! Whatever it is, I toates LOL'd at this.