Sunday, February 12, 2012

Farewell, Whit Whit

If your name is Britney or Whitney your nickname from me will be Brit Brit or Whit Whit. Deal with it.

By now everybody in the damn world has heard about the untimely demise of Ms. Houston so I thought I'd add my two cents about the life and times of Whit Whit Houston-Brown.

In grad school, back when I had cheap access to a gym and therefore weighed a number of kilos less, the 80's channel on the gym TV played I Wanna Dance With Somebody (Who Loves Me) all. the. damn. time. It's an OK song, it's no I Will Always Love You, but good enough on a musical level. However, I will argue that it is one of the best workout song ever for one very simple reason:

Whitney Houston had the hottest body of all time.

Exhibit A:

This is the closest thing I could find to a full body shot from the video but damn, her body was slammin' in that video. Like, she-could-be-in-a-White-Snake-video good. Truly rockin'.

The mile high crimped hair and neon make-up were also a real treat to witness. I wish to god we could get away with looking like that today, as my thin, curly hair is ripe from the crimping - and "back combing".

Divas Live will be a little more somber this year (Is that still a thing? Does VH1 still exist?) but life must go on for Gloria- Celine-Shania-Mariah (Cuba-Canada-Cowgirl-Crazy).

Personally, I will remember her as a source of thinspiration, though I suspect the rest of the world will use her legacy as a reminder to Just Say No.

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