Monday, April 20, 2009

Memory Lane Monday #7

Excuse the 2-week MLM absence. I've been in the U.S. so bugger off, as the Brits say. More on this related topic later.

So 10 years ago today Columbine happened. It's unfortunate that I say that word and you know exactly what I mean. I remember exactly where I was when I heard, and I remember watching the TV coverage of it. And being the selfish little prick that I am I can't help but think, "my God, it was ten years ago that I was a sophomore in high school". So to lighten the mood I took a gander at the Billboard Hot 100 to see what tickles my fancy from that terrible day, a whole decade ago, and I came up with this:

"...Baby One More Time" by Britney Spears

Oh, yes, the irony of it all. Ten years ago I hated this song and I hated this girl. But I shan't tell a lie in my old age; the tune is catchy!

I also get a smile at the days of yore when Brit-Brit (as I've come to call her) was fit and trim the old fashioned way: Through back breaking workouts forced upon her by overzealous parents. Even though people say today she's "back" (which I do not believe for a second) we all know that girl is a jar of mayonnaise and a missed lipo appointment from going back to the trailer park where she's been residing this past half decade.

But back in 1999 she was fresh and 16 and just oozing with that jail bait je ne se qua. Note the subtle but meaningful boobie shake at 0:53. You can almost see American youth culture instantaneously crumble into nothingness, gone and lost forever. Thanks, Brit-Brit!

As I reflect on what I have done with myself since April 20, 1999 (hint: some pretty baller stuff) ask yourselves this: How was I, a mere mortal, able to resist the Snoop Dog classic "Smoke Weed Everyday" as my MLM? The world is a cruel place. We may never know.

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  1. you need to blog about your fab trip to the US!! pronto