Monday, April 27, 2009

Copenhagen, Denmark - Favorite Pic

Martin's 95-year-old great aunt, let me repeat that - ninety five years of age - decided she wanted to take me and Martin's mom to Copenhagen for the weekend. Ladies weekend, woot woot! And she wanted to drive the 6 hours each way it takes to get there (side note: the 95 year old wasn't the one driving).

Free trip to Copenhagen, you say? Count me in. Ninety-five year old woman who speaks zero English that I can only communicate with in Norwegian, you say? Oy...that's a little scarier.

But I am proud to report that I "am awesome" and "speak really good Norwegian" and the weekend went off without me swearing off the Norwegian language forever. Good confidence booster, too! :)

Take a look at this beautiful harbor pic. If you ever have to decide between visiting Oslo and visiting Copenhagen, for the love of God do yourself a favor and get thyself to Denmark!

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