Sunday, April 30, 2017

Melbourne Ladies Weekend

You know what's really convenient during a time when you have to hoard your vacation time and can't go on holiday?  Weekend visitors!

German Lara lives in Singapore, and works in fashion.  Her job isn't an overly important detail except when the two of us who work in less creative industries asked "Is that a pyjama top?" Lara replied, "No, this is a blouse".

The blouse in question
LOL!  Team hand-me-downs and clearance rack, which frees up cash to make random trips to Melbourne for ladies weekends.

The last time I was in Melbourne, which was over 3 years ago, was also for a ladies weekend.  Melbourne is apparently where ladies go!  My guess is because ladies like to:

Drink Coffee

Drink Wine

Eat anything and everything

Drink wine

And drink wine

Yes I like wine and no I am not an alcoholic.

As you will notice, Ms. Sabrina again flew in from Sydney like she recently did to Byron Bay.  I can't seem to shake this bitch off*!

* I love this bitch so she needs no shaking off

Melbourne is the hipster capital of Australia, and is possibly #2 in the world after Brooklyn.  I submit this photo as evidence:

It almost hurts to look at!  Shield your eyes.

But that's Melbourne in a nutshell.  This silly and exceedingly impractical sink set-up is more supporting documentation to my theory:

Can they not just be normal?  Like Sydney?

shirt reads: Sydney - it's not that great
Ha!  Melbourne is what it is and wears its heart on its sleeve.  I do appreciate that (despite my advanced age and excessive lameness).

We mainly walked around the city (in search of more food and wine) and talked our own ears off.  Of course, safety first!

I got a kick out of these signs which were placed near busy intersections.  Too bad that people who need to see this won't...because they are looking at their phone and not the ground.  Thin the herd, I say!

We swung through the Prahran Market, which is a really nifty permanent farmers market where you can buy (or in our case, gawk at) fruit, veg and meat.  And get smoothies!

I see Sabrina fairly often (see "shake off" comment, above) but I hadn't seen Lara since our EuroTrip nearly 2 years ago.  We will meet again this year in Florida when I tie the knot, and next year in Mallorca when Lara ties the knot!  Literally all my upcoming vacation time is accounted for in the foreseeable future.

But this time, for obvious reasons, boys will have to be invited!

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