Friday, December 16, 2011

Paris, France - Favorite Pic

Imagine having to pick just one favorite picture from Paris. The City of Light, Gay Pairee. You just try! It ain't easy, especially when you have tens of pictures to choose from.

So I thought I'd take the road less traveled and choose a picture that brought me the most entertainment. Because that's what this whole charade [earth] is here for, isn't it? My entertainment.

I am about to let you in on a little secret. A secret that isn't intentionally kept under wraps (Da Vinci Code-style), but is a secret more because the truth is simply and sadly overlooked (Tom Selleck almost was Indiana Jones-style):

There is a painting of a midget in the Louvre.

A real painting of a real midget. Oh the JOY it brings me!

There is the reason why this delicious morsel of truth is unknown to the masses:

It's right next to the freaking Mona Lisa.

So everybody is too busy doing this BS:

to turn their head slightly to the right and notice their proximity to a sweet midget painting.

I don't know who painted it, I don't know who the people in the painting are. Nor do I know who the artist pissed off to get such a highly trafficked yet still-totally-crappy location. What I do know is this:

Midgets in ancient (Ok maybe not ancient) artworks are hilarious, and have resulted in my favorite picture from my weekend in Paris. Enjoy:

Disclaimer: I do not mean to offend any "little people" with this post. I know you have it hard enough with Matt Roloff's hair brained scheming ass being your de facto spokesperson. P.S. If you ever run into him at one of your conventions tell him to get his shit together and get a job.

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