Friday, February 4, 2011

Where Have I Been All Your Life?

It's been 10 months since I mustered the mental energy to keep up this dog and pony show. Now that my days consist of a lot more than Simpsons re-runs I figured it'd be worth it to put my blogging panties on once again.

Here's a quick run down of how 2010 played out. I...

1) Went to the EuroVision song contest in Oslo, like I said I would last year.

This is my favorite act of EuroVision 2010, Greece. They totally broke my cardinal rule of One Must Speak English at EuroVision but it totally works for them. Love this song, and it was so fun to see in person!

I also got to see last years winner performed live which was awesome.

2) Was a bridesmaid for the first time.

3) Went to Asia (you can follow me day by day here)

4a) Quit my enjoyable, stable job.
b) Moved to Scotland.
c) Started grad school.

5) Went to Paris.

6) Turned 28.

A combination of 4 a (lack of money), b (damn TV licensing fee) & c (lack of free time) has lead to me no longer having a TV.

So long, beloved Simpsons re-runs. You are greatly missed!

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