Monday, November 30, 2009

The Netherlands - Favorite Pic

There aren't many healthful, wholesome activities to do in Amsterdam. Jogging? Cobblestones are death to your ankles. Biking? Asking for a traffic accident. Not altering your conscienceness? Lame.

So what better way to piss away an afternoon than seeing how beer is made at the Heineken Experience? When it's raining cats and dogs any indoor activity sounds attractive. One that gives you beer with the price of admission - even moreso.

Included in your admission price ($22.50 USD by the way, wildly overpriced) you get access to this fancy little kiosk that lets you take pictures or videos and email them to people. For free! Tourist crap like this is never free! So, I call SCORE, and best pic of the trip.

I like this picture because because for ONCE Martin's not holding the camera himself and concentrating so hard on focusing it that a few chromsomes fall out his butt. He looks cute and nerdy. Just the way I like him.

Plus, there's a windmill, and I can pull off ruffles. That's a double SCORE!

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