Saturday, May 17, 2014

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I am irritated to report, but you shouldn't be surprised to hear, that going out to the theater (or any show/production) in Australia is super hella mega expensive.  Sometimes, though, it's totally worth it.

Rocky Horror Show

Look at me, I'm a transvestite!
Fun fact: Rocky Horror Picture Show is the movie.  The Rocky Horror Show is the musical production.  Whatever it's called it's pretty much my religion.  I love it!  So much!  And have ever since I first saw a heavily edited version of it on VH1 in high school.

I've seen the floor show so many times that I've lost count.  A floor show is when the movie is played up on the background (with sound) and actors act out the scenes on the stage below, moving along to the dialogue and songs but not verbalizing them.  These are amateur productions and oftentimes the actors to put this no shape to be acting (literally).

This production, however, was totally professional with actors who can totally fit through doorways without turning sideways.  It was at QPAC (where I've been before to see Oklahoma! and Grease) and was touring all over Australia.  It was super cool to see how the movie translated onto the stage, but unfortunately was not as interactive with the audience as the floor shows tend to be.  It's not everyday one can yell "Slut!" and "Asshole!" from their seat in public, and this is why I super duper love Rocky Horror.

Elizabeth Gilbert

You know the chick who wrote Eat, Pray, Love and made god knows how much money turning it into a movie with Julia Roberts?  That is Elizabeth Gilbert.  She's the little speck on stage in that picture.

Last year some friends and I started up a book club.  We strive to read one book a month (though it totally doesn't happen that often) and we get together, drink wine and talk about the book.  We're home by 10 p.m. pleasantly buzzed on a work night so it's pretty much the ultimate social gathering.

When we heard Elizabeth was coming to town to speak we decided to read her latest release The Signature of All Things as our book club pick for that "month".  Instead of our regular wine-and-potluck get together we went to her presentation.

Confession: I did not read this book.  I do not own a Kindle, and I don't want one.  The 2 libraries I have access to (university and city) didn't have any copies in stock, and I am not about to pay full retail price for a book.  I also refuse to illegally download it, but that's kind of pointless without a Kindle, anyway.  I'm stubborn and cheap so no book for me.  I've read every single other book club pick (no matter how shit house they might be), though!  So I feel justified missing just one book.

This crazy art exhibit

Some Chinese artist I had never heard of brought this art exhibition to the Gallery of Modern Art, and there was a big buzz around it.  I had heard it was totally awesome but put it off and put it off until there was only one week left.

The exhibit is called Falling Back to Earth, and the artist is Cai Guo-Qiang.  He apparently likes to put animals on display.  I never clarified if the animals are real skins that are stuffed, or totally made from scratch but I think it's the ladder.  They were very realistic!

Dave Chappelle

Let me be clear about one thing: I love Dave Chappelle.

Or at the very least, his early 00's Comedy Central show Chappelle's Show.  That is before he hit the wall, quit his show and went into hiding from the public (a move he now realizes was financially disadvantageous and pretty stupid).

When I learned he was coming to Brisbane I decided to spare no cost in seeing this comedy genius in person!  That's a big deal because I was unemployed at the time.  If I had to go without eating to see Chappelle, so be it.

I fought like hell to get tickets (which one has time to do whilst unemployed) but was unsuccessful.  Damn it!  Due to such high demand QPAC arranged a second show later that night (starting at 10 p.m. vs. the earlier 7 p.m. show) and I refined my technique so was able to get 2 tickets for the second show.  My technique being to refresh five browser tabs instead of just one.  Mad skillz, yo.

The catch being that these two tickets were nowhere near each other in the theater.  When I finally got through on the ticket ordering website I put in quantity: 2 but that was rejected.  I tried quantity: 1 and that was accepted.  I know Martin wanted to go, but not as bad as me.  Screw that guy, it's every woman for herself!  If I had to be a creepy loner and go by myself to this show, then so be it!  I was able to get in again and buy another single ticket so we were both able to go, roughly 20 rows apart from each other.

The weird thing is I felt more entitled to go to shows and things when I was unemployed, because I wasn't traveling at the time.  I need some form of mental stimulation.  Now that I'm back working, earning and traveling I have a harder time justifying the cash to do fun things near home when there's so much to be seen and done away from home.

Which would you prefer?  Five off-Broadway productions or cage diving with a great white shark?!

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