Thursday, April 8, 2010

Stockholm, Sweden - Favorite Pic

Despite working 60 hour work weeks at the local pork processing plant, my dear friend Lindsey came to visit me in The Mother Land in late February. Having grown up in poverty in a trailer park in Buzzards Gulch, SD Lindsey had never traveled outside of the Dakotas before, much less to a different country.

Imagine her surprise when she was treated to not one but two international destinations. After pawning her 3 kids off on various family relations, Lindsey was ready to see the sights of not only Norway, but Sweden as well. I had never been there before, either, which brings me to my favorite picture of our trip to Stockholm:

We stayed in The Red Boat, which is a floating boat hotel that is colored a deep shade of aqua marine. Nah, I'm just shitting you - it really is red. And this is the view of the one and only window in our room, also known as a porthole. Lindsey had never heard that term before and assumed I was talking about some sort of latrine type apparatus when I mentioned it. Oh mercy me, the things you have to teach these country folk!

After yet another pregnancy scare for Lindsey during our trip we wound up having a fabulous time, complete with a traditional Swedish dish called tunnsbrodsrulle. Nothing says "Just like Lindsey's mom used to make" like shrimp salad and mashed potatoes surrounding a deep fried hot dog.

Full disclosure: Today Lindsey makes $250,000 a year and is engaged to a United States senator. She hasn't spoken to me since her visit.