Friday, January 22, 2010

Blog for Choice

Oblivious me, without fail, forgets this date every year until I stumble upon a reminder that today is the anniversary that Roe v. Wade was decided. And every year I think "I am so lucky to have a choice in what happens to my life".

I was reminded by this nifty little campaign by NARAL Pro-Choice America:

The campaign asks bloggers to answer the question: What does Trust Women mean to you?

It's hard for me to answer a question that's so simple. So painfully, obviously simple. To me it means trusting women, not a government, not a religion, not an outside force, to make decisions about what they think is best for themselves. To not treat women like fragile porcelain dolls that, those poor dears, need to be told what to do, lest they wrinkle their pretty little foreheads thinking too hard.

Abortion ain't pretty; it's only ever talked about in hushed tones and, increasingly to a terrifying level, through spitting venom. Most people who've had one, I'd guess, wouldn't publicly admit it. And why would they? It's their choice and their lives. Nobody needs to be involved except the people of their choosing. Again, no government, no religion, no outside force. Nor is it something to be ashamed of.

If I ever have daughters in the future (sons, too - children I choose to have) I don't want them growing up in a world without abortion. Access to abortion is a civil and human right.

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