Wednesday, August 5, 2009

USA - Favorite Pic

Quite possibly the classiest picture in the whole bunch, I present to you my favorite photo from my recent visit home. It shall be titled The Essence of a State Fair. I didn't realize how perfect this picture is, in that it says "A State Fair" in the background. Perfection.

I am an unabashed lover of the North Dakota State Fair. The deep fried foods, the real lemonade, the stench of farm animals (which doesn't really bother me), the fat ladies in tube tops. I love it all. Love it! I've only missed 2 years of the fair in my whole life, if memory serves me correct, once when I was 15 and last year. I grew up there.

The highlight for me (can coozies aside) was "people watching bingo", where you crossed off a square whenever you found someone/something they had listed. For example:

-Someone with a mullet (variations such as she-mullet and mexi-mullet accepted)
-Camel toe and/or moose knuckle
-Horribly obese child eating
-Fat white mom with black baby
-Carnie missing 1 or more fingers (this was surprisingly difficult to find; they might as well rename the Free square 'carnie missing 1 or more teeth')

And the list goes on. I can wait while you go rinse out your mouth after throwing up in your mouth a little.

You're back? Ok, good. Despite the horrors I saw I did win 1 out of 2 games. And saw a lot of super classy North Dakotans. Love the NDSF - it's beyond compare!

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